who we are

Who we are?

Innovative. Challenging. Reliable


We are an innovative technology company, specializing in mobile web development, financial software, cryptocurrency solutions, Big data, Blockchain, and AI/ML development solutions. We do believe in approaching every project no matter how creative your idea is. Combining our tech expertise with your business needs we ensure that your business will have a profitable competitive advantage.

Headquartered in Fundao, Portugal, we have been a reliable partner and a guarantor for successful business for both our customers and suppliers.
We consist of a multiethnic team and can therefore confidently conduct business, especially in European, East Asia, and Middle East markets. We build bridges between the somehow diverse markets of Asia and Europe and therefore make it possible for our partners and us to reach mutual goals in the best possible manner in order to sustainably create value for all parties involved.
Our partners have come to appreciate our reliability, our intercultural competence, and our very high standards in regard to the quality of our products and services.

We are your easiest solution ever


WE SOURCE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING REQUIRED WORLDWIDE. As an international trading company, we specialize in general global trade. By choosing us as your expert trading partner, we can provide you with efficient marketing and distribution solutions for your products and/or services.

Innovation inspired

We hold a hand on a pulse of the newest development tendencies in the digital world. At our disposal, we have various up-to-date tools at our disposal to stay on top and provide our customers with the most innovative solutions.

Client and result oriented

We always value your ideas and your business needs. Explore your ideas in the most innovative way and implement it as your best business practice. Your success is the best reward for us.

Open minded

We are the team out-of-the-box thinkers. We are searching for challenging ideas to show how to make the impossible become possible and even real.

Technology focused

High tech tools and new technologies are the synonyms to successful business processes. We believe that providing innovative technologies to your business makes your service unique, competitive and profitable.